One Year Academy Gold Pass Renewal / Extension

Renew your annual Hatch Academy Gold Pass membership today and continue to receive incredible Hatch Embroidery educational content, free designs, projects and more.

The number 1 educational resource for mastering Hatch Embroidery Digitizer is the Hatch Academy Gold Pass. Created exclusively for Hatch Embroidery users, it has been developed by true Hatch Embroidery experts.

At only US$99 to renew or extend your annual subscription, you have access to over 360 lessons with the benefits and value continuing to grow as new expert content is added each month.

There are 8 new projects being released over the coming weeks giving you plenty of time to create incredible new embroidery pieces in time for Christmas.

Get the most out of Hatch Embroidery now and renew your subscription today!

Note: For existing Gold Pass subscribers, the extension will add an additional 12 months of access from the current expiry date. You will not lose any of your current subscription period.

T&C: US$99 Renewal price only available to existing or expired Hatch Academy Gold Pass subscribers. Price excludes any applicable taxes.

USD $99*

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* All prices exclude applicable taxes
USD $99*
USD $99*

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