Font Pack #3 - Sans Serif

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Fonts in this pack


Small to medium size with a narrow baseline.

Min: 0.4in, 10mm | Max: 2.0in, 50mm


When you need a bolder but narrow baseline. Has a slight “flare”. Designed to stitch well when smaller letters are needed.

Min: 0.3in, 7mm | Max: 1.6in, 40mm

Utility Block

When you need a bold and wide baseline font with a large size range.

Min: 0.3in, 7mm | Max: 4.0in, 100mm


This is one of the easiest font styles to read in embroidery. Perfectly selected to add to your lettering and monogramming font collection. Each one has been professionally digitized to use with keyboard entry, making it really simple to use with excellent embroidery results.