Font Pack #4 - Décor

Font Pack #4 - Décor

This pack contains 3 fonts.

Looking to do some home décor? This collection of professional embroidery lettering will add a touch of class. Arial Rounded gives you the modern look. Empress is great for a slanted look without going script. Border Block 2 is an upper-case font using a two-color block.

Please note: Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.

Font Min. Max. Great to use for...
Arial Rounded 0.32in, 8mm 2.0in, 50mm This is perfect for a modern look
Empress 0.5in, 13mm 2.4in, 60mm Perfect for a fancy slanted look without a script font
Border Block 2 0.5in, 13mm 1.5in, 38mm All upper case letters in a two-color block.
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