Font Pack #15 - Small Block

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Fonts in this pack


A bold font in all capital letters that you can use at a small size down to 6mm. Suggest to add letter spacing when using at the smaller size range.

Min: 0.2in, 6mm | Max: 0.4in, 10mm


A great font to use for chidren and school projects. Give that look of outer space.

Min: 0.2in, 6mm | Max: 0.7in, 18mm


This font gives you a modern headliner type of look. It can be use at small hight down to 4mm. Sugget you add lettering spacing when using at small sizes.

Min: 0.1in, 4mm | Max: 0.2in, 6mm


Three looks using satin stitch come together in this collection for use with small height style of lettering. Bold, slanter, or just plain modern block fonts. You’ll find so many uses for this collection in your small projects.