Hatch Embroidery Features

Hatch comes in four levels - Organizer, Personalizer, Composer, Digitizer. Each level offers increased functionality for the user.

Explore the features available in different Hatch levels

Manual Digitizing

Create your own beautiful designs from one of 8 easy but powerful digitizing tools for endless artistic stitch types and effects.


Love appliqué? Create exciting designs from simple to advanced using one of the 4 cover stitches or no cover stitch at all and create your own cover stitch. Easily convert a closed object to appliqué with 1 click. When finished, export to SVG for your cutting machine.

Laydown Stitch

The Laydown Stitch tool lets you generate a light background fill (‘Laydown fill’) to flatten the nap of textured fabrics like Terry towelling and fur so that subsequent embroidery is not lost in the nap.

Keyboard Design Collection

The Keyboard Design Collection tool provides an easy way to map alphabet and other embroidery designs to keyboard characters to enable them to be used with lettering and monogramming tools.

Creative Stitches & Effects

Hatch has many creative stitch effects that can quickly be added to your basic designs to give it that unique one-of-a-kind design.

Reef PhotoStitch

Reef PhotoStitch tool enables you to automatically convert photographs and other images into embroidered designs that have a low stitch count and unique artistic style reminiscent of a coral reef.

Advanced Editing

A wide range of powerful, easy-to-use tools to change the shape, size, colors, stitch types, and stitch angles of your embroidery designs. Advanced features like weld, knife, break apart, remove overlaps, color blending, and branching bring even more creative to your designs.


Create a one-color Photo stitch from varying spacing to give you that vintage line printer look.


Combine objects with one click. No need to re-digitize to get one combined object.

Color PhotoStitch

A NEW method for the Color PhotoStitch that uses improved color processing and allows for more flexibility with color and stitch settings adjustments to enable more success in producing desired or intended results.

Outlines & Offsets

Create multiple outlines around existing designs. Use different stitch types. Great for creating bookmarks, key fobs and logos.


Create a beautiful hand embroidery Redwork look. No need to worry about the sewing order. Hatch will do that for you when creating Redwork embroidery.


Convert your bitmap and vector art to embroidery with one click, then let Hatch choose the best colors, shapes, and sequence. Take the tedium out of digitizing – focus on your creativity!


Set multiple hoops, split the design into sewing fields and output the design to multiple files, each with just 1 click.

New Multi-Position Hoop Support

Do you have a 2 or 3 multi-position hoop with your machine? Hatch Digitizer and Composer can now split your design to stitch in each hoop section and save it within the same file. Hatch Personalizer and Organizer can separate limited designs within the multiple-position hoopsNo more lining up of registration marks for multi-position hoops!


New Hoop & Machine Management System

Hatch brings you a new hoop management system making it easier to find your hoops. Just select your machine brand and add your hoops to the list. If your machine or hoop is not already listed, you can create your own!

Design Library

Design Library organizes all your designs. Search, sort and browse embroidery designs throughout your PC.

Center All

Center All

‘How do I center my design in the hoop?’ Simple – let Hatch 3 do it for you! A single click coordinates your design, your hoop, and your screen to 0,0 to create position-perfect results.

Hand Stitch

Hand Stitch gives your creation extra warmth and character. A single click converts your modern design and lettering into something relaxed and natural, with that vintage, homemade feel.

Close Shape

Close open shapes with either a straight or curved line. Never again have to digitize the object over because you forgot to change to the closed shape tool.

Sequence Docker

Sequence by individual objects or color blocks. Improved viewing of grouped objects, see which object is in reshape mode, and now both objects and colors are numbered.


Use lettering with or without a design. Control the width, italics, spacing, sequence, colors and size. Add pull compensation when needed. Advanced lettering in Composer and Digitizer lets you break apart and use the knife tools on lettering.


74 beautifully digitized templates are ready to be stitched out, or create your own with the included 236 ornaments and 80 borders. Creating your own style is endless with Hatch!

TrueType Fonts

Convert TrueType Fonts or Open Type Fonts from your Windows system into embroidery. Edit lettering if desired.

Digitize Freehand

Create artistic effects with the freehand tools. Draw directly on the screen, must like free-motion embroidery work or hand embroidery.

Object Editing

Reshape and edit stitches or angles, cut both filled and outlined objects. Branch or Break-Apart objects and letters plus more in Composer and Digitizer. Edit and reshape lettering objects in Personalizer.

Creative and Layout Tools

Mirror objects in seconds, create shading with Color Blend, design instant Mandala block effects and so much more.

64-bit Operating System

You'll notice a big improvement in speed and performance running Hatch on 64-bit operating systems.

Icons Hatch Embroidery Level
Digitizer - fully featured
Composer - fully featured
Composer - limited capabilities
Personalizer - fully featured
Personalizer - limited capabilities
Organizer - fully featured