Add perfect embroidered lettering with professionally digitized fonts

Hatch Embroidery includes over 120 professionally digitized fonts* for adding incredible lettering to your projects.
You can also use TrueType or OpenType fonts for unlimited creative options.

* Hatch Embroidery Digitizer - 124 fonts, Hatch Embroidery Composer - 72 fonts, Hatch Embroidery Personalizer – 62 fonts

124 Fontastic Fonts

What makes Hatch Embroidery lettering so much better than the rest?
The software automatically adjusts the stitch density to suit the width of the object, which results in even distribution of stitches. Advanced and sophisticated algorithms in the software also compensate for the varying curves in the shapes and the stitch angles for beautifully smooth curves and even embroidery.

It is like having a built-in embroidery expert in your software who does it all for you!
If the technical talk does not excite you… see it below for yourself

World Class Lettering

Hatch Lettering is based on the best in the embroidery industry and we can prove it!

TrueType & OpenType

Hatch Embroidery will read both TrueType and OpenType fonts installed on your PC.
You can then make changes just as you would with professionally digitized fonts.

More on Lettering…

Learn more about Hatch Embroidery Lettering in these videos and guides

Tips for best result

Add embroidered lettering to designs from a library of supplied fonts

Personalize an item with a name and date or add a fun phrase

Expand your lettering capabilities with 108 fonts, 105 embossed fills and 281 motifs. The options are endless and the only limit is your imagination!

Create amazing typography designs using the ‘fontastic’ variety of professionally digitized fonts

Technical insight and competitor comparison. We take you behind the scenes and show you why.

Choose the product for your lettering

Lettering is available in 3 levels. Choose the software that is right for you today and easily upgrade as you grow in the future.

Hatch Embroidery
Digitizer 3

The best digitizing software choice for both beginner and experienced embroiderers. Everything a hobbyist or home embroiderer needs.

Hatch Embroidery
Composer 3

There is nothing quite like creating your very own unique embroidery designs quickly and easily by combining existing designs and lettering.

Hatch Embroidery
Personalizer 3

Turn your ready-made items into unique custom-made masterpieces in just a few easy steps by adding beautiful lettering and monograms.

Download and install now. Then start the software and choose your level.

Add additional Font Packs

Expand your lettering library with these high quality font packs. Each pack contains professionally digitized embroidery fonts that will make personalizing your projects a breeze!

Master the Art of Lettering with Hatch Academy

Enjoy over 200 FREE lessons presented by our own embroidery experts in Hatch Academy. Grow your confidence and embroidery skills fast to start creating your own beautiful designs in no time!

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