Font Pack #2 - Monograms

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Fonts in this pack


Designed to be used as single medallion type lettering. Uppercase only. Great for a monogram with fancy scroll effects!

Min: 0.3in, 8mm | Max: 2.4in, 60mm


Crisp and clear letters for small size fonts and a narrow baseline. Includes upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

Min: 0.3in, 7mm | Max: 1.6in, 40mm

Glory Appliqué

Uppercase alphabets and numbers to use as appliqué or not. Medium to tall size letters.

Min: 1.2in, 30mm | Max: 4.0in, 100mm


Uppercase and lowercase letters. Great to use as small letters such as initials on collars or cuffs. Add a slight slant in the software and almost create a calligraphy look.

Min: 0.3in, 8mm | Max: 2.0in, 50mm


They are unique medallion type monograms, crisp and clear monograms and an appliqué style that makes great monograms for the sportsman. An excellent mix of small and larger fonts which work great in both upper and lowercase.

You can never get enough fonts for beautiful and unique monograms!