Font Pack #5 - Special Occasions

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Fonts in this pack

Arial Helvetica Sm.

Perfect for a very small size block font and writing text.

Min: 0.2 in, 4 mm | Max: 1.0 in, 25 mm

City Script

Slanted modern script great for larger size letters. Slant can be removed with Hatch’s “slant” feature by reducing to less than zero.

Min: 0.3 in, 7 mm | Max: 2.4 in, 60 mm


Perfect fancy block style and great for special occasion gifts.

Min: 0.32 in, 8 mm | Max: 2.0 in, 50 mm


Not your everyday boring fonts. Helvetica Sm is fantastic when you need a very small block font or writing text. City Script is a modern and slanted script great for larger size letters. It includes both upper and lower-case letters. Reduce the slant to zero in Hatch Embroidery and make it a straight script too. Dauphin is a favorite fancy block style and amazing for special gifts. All fonts come in both block and script style.