Font Pack #5 - Special Occasions

Font Pack #5 - Special Occasions

This pack contains 3 fonts. 

Not your everyday boring fonts. Helvetica Sm is fantastic when you need a very small block font or writing text. City Script is a modern and slanted script great for larger size letters. It includes both upper and lower-case letters. Reduce the slant to zero in Hatch Embroidery and make it a straight script too. Dauphin is a favorite fancy block style and amazing for special gifts.

All fonts come in both block and script style.

Please note: Not compatible with Hatch Embroidery Basics or Organizer.

Font Min. Max. Great to use for...
Arial Helvetica Sm. 0.2in, 4mm 1.0in, 25mm Perfect for a very small size block font and writing text.
City Script 0.3in, 7mm 2.4in, 60mm Slanted modern script great for larger size letters. Slant can be removed with Hatch's "slant" feature by reducing to less than zero.
Dauphin 0.32in, 8mm 2.0in, 50mm Perfect fancy block style and great for special occasion gifts./td>
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