Font Pack #23 - Elegant and Bold

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Fonts in this pack

Karin Script

Use this font for special ocassions or to give that elegant look.

Min: 0.4in, 10mm | Max: 0.8in, 20mm


Works good for medium height lettering

Min: 0.4in, 10mm | Max: 0.8in, 20mm


Perfect for single name projects when you want a bold script.

Min: 0.4in, 10mm | Max: 1in, 25mm


This collection is one of everyone’s favorite! The script gives an elegant hand drawn look that is bold but not too bold and easy to read. A bold serif font with a slight slant is good for medium height lettering. To round this pack out we have added a vintage slanted semi-bold script. Elegant and bold, the name says it all!