Font Pack #12 - Modern Script

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Fonts in this pack

Script Love

Large letters for towels, robes and baby blankets.

Min: 0.8in, 20mm | Max: 4in, 100mm

Script Union

Medium sized letters for a personalised touch

Min: 1.2in, 30mm | Max: 2.8in, 70mm

Script Wisdom

Smaller letters for initials for sentimental markings

Min: 0.6in, 15mm | Max: 1.4in, 35mm


A collection of modern satin script fonts that look like they are a style of handmade calligraphy. There is a font that will work for small, medium, or large letters. You will use this collection for towels, baby items, personalizing, and initials. It will become one of your “go to” font packs.