Font Pack #8 – Fancy Fonts

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Fonts in this pack


This is a bold block font that gives that “Retro” look. It works well when stitched in white on black to give a blackboard and chalk look. The maximum recommend height for this font is 1.6 inches (40mm) to prevent the satin stitches becoming too wide. It’s great for short phrases and wall art.

Min: 0.6in, 15mm | Max: 1.6in, 40mm


The name says it all! Great to give that “vintage” look. Perfect to use for simple signs, wall art and single name projects. Try using the first letter larger for a different look. This font combines well with mixed font types.

Min: 0.3in, 7mm | Max: 1.0in, 25mm

Western Serif

Western, Farmhouse, Rustic, Antique or Egyptian. Whatever your call the décor’ style, this is the perfect font! It has bold satin serifs that gives it a classic look in many styles. This is an uppercase font and combines well with sans serif block fonts.

Min: 0.3in, 7mm | Max: 1.8in, 45mm


People are often looking for a font that adds something a little different. This collection is just perfect and adds another level of creativity to your home décor projects.

These fonts offer a wide variety of options that really ties into the style of today’s modern homes.