Manual Digitizing

Hatch Embroidery software brings you the most advanced digitizing tools designed for your hobby or small business. Created with both beginners and experienced digitizers in mind, you do not need to be an expert to turn basic or complex shapes into embroidery objects with precision stitch results.

Apply creative effects such as Freehand to create a hand-drawn appearance or the Feather Edge to add a shading effect or imitate fur or other fluffy textures. You are only limited by your creativity.

Watch our seahorse project come to life

A video tutorial will take you through the creation of this stunning Seahorse design.
You will learn about the many digitizing tools, stitch types as well as the popular color blending and shading techniques.


More on Manual Digitizing

Learn more about Manual Digitizing

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    Carlo the Chameleon

    Read about all the different stitch types, fills and effects that were used to create this striking design

  • using-lettering-image

    Patriotic Star

    Learn how this beautiful Patriotic Star design was digitized from step-by-step tutorial videos and access the free design

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    Circle of Flowers

    Circle of Flowers digitizing series with tutorial videos


The product for your Digitizing

Manual Digitizing is available in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer

  • Embroidery Digitizer


    Embroidery Digitizer

    Digitizing software designed for amateur and experienced users. Everything a hobbyist or home business needs.

    composer-icon.png?v3Everything in Composer

    True manual digitizing with professional quality results

    Turn photos into memorable embroidery with Color PhotoStitch

    Redwork for creating simple artistic embroidery

    Combine multiple objects into one with Weld

    101 professionally digitized fonts for lettering

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