Education is the Key to Enhancing your Experience

Hatch Embroidery is a powerful and easy-to-use embroidery software product. Thousands of customers around the world have told us this but have also asked for more help to master all the tools.

So our team went away and spent over a year developing an incredible educational package to help answer both the basic and complex questions.

Access the "Getting Started" series simply by registering a free Hatch Embroidery account, and when you purchase any level, you will get access to the "Orientation" series.

"The Essentials" series can be accessed with an annual subscription. You will find over 160 carefully crafted lessons which will really help you to get so much more out of this incredible software.

Is the Academy right for you? Absolutely!

32 Courses

Over 160 lessons created by our own Hatch Embroidery experts. The fastest way to learn all the incredible features and tools.

New content monthly

The annual "The Essentials" series subscription, gives you access to exclusive new monthly content, e.g. designs, fonts, lessons, projects, webinars and more.
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Register and get access to the "Academy Preview" and "Getting Started" series. FREE BONUS ACCESS to the "Orientation" series when you purchase any level of Hatch Embroidery.

And when you are ready to progress, subscribe to the premium "The Essentials" series.

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Learn at your pace

Learn at your pace

Sit back and enjoy learning at your own speed. Take your time and view and courses multiple times. If you have questions, visit the Hatch Community and we will be there to help.

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