Hatchers, are you ready for
embroidery business success?

Take it to the next level and Go Pro!

Are you ready for
embroidery business success?

Take it to the next level and GO PRO!

Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio is used by over 85% of commercial embroiderers, and here is why…

EmbroideryStudio Designing was built for success, to offer the very best creativity tools,
along with a focus on productivity and efficiency to maximize your business profits.

Wilcom’s 6 pillars of embroidery business success:

📈 Profitability
🚀 Efficiency
💻 Operations

🧵 Simplicity
📊 Scalability
👩‍💻 Support

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer customers can save up to 50%


EmbroideryStudio Designing is the key to increased profitability in your embroidery business. It streamlines design processes, saving you time and labor costs. With design management tools and accurate stitch estimations, you can manage resources effectively and maintain healthy profit margins. Simple and fast production approval attracts new clients and encourages repeat business. By simplifying operations and optimizing your workflow, EmbroideryStudio is an essential tool for achieving greater profitability.

Team Names

Team Names

  • Create and manage personalized designs with individual names or text for team uniforms, workwear, or other items that require personalized labeling.
  • Streamline the process of adding different names to a design without having to create separate design files for each individual name.
  • Open a design and import a list of names.
  • EmbroideryStudio will automatically create production-ready files eliminating manual work and potential costly spelling mistakes.


  • Includes an extensive library of over 225 professionally created fonts.
  • Digitize and create custom ESA fonts.
  • Create customer-specific fonts and use keyboard lettering for faster turnaround on repeat orders.
  • Font editing tools to adjust spacing, kerning, and baseline positioning, and save for future use.
  • Advanced monogramming tools
Printable Embroidery

Printable Embroidery

  • Capture Virtual Decoration Bitmap tool
  • Export simulated embroidery effect
  • Designed for DTG and DTF printing
  • Super fast and significantly cheaper than traditional embroidery
  • Almost indistinguishable from real embroidery

Customize & Save Styles

  • Create and save your custom settings
  • Applies to stitch effects, fills, outlines, and other design elements
  • Improves consistency for repeat customers
  • Re-use custom styles for future projects
  • Develop a signature look for each customer
Customize & Save Styles


Efficiency is the cornerstone of your successful embroidery business, optimizing resources, reducing production cycles, and increasing your productivity. Streamlining processes not only cuts costs but also enhances customer satisfaction, ensuring smooth operations and promoting competitiveness. The efficiency made possible using EmbroideryStudio empowers your business to handle larger order volumes, ultimately driving greater profitability.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

  • Optimized to boost your digitizing and design editing efficiency
  • Customize the interface to match your workflow
  • Set up templates for fast initiation of repeat orders
  • Seamless link to WilcomWorkspace apps
  • Compatible with barcode-ready EmbroideryConnect (Wireless design transfer)
  • Manage multiple designs at once on your design screen

Superior Control

  • Superior control of stitch parameters, underlay, connector settings, and more.
  • Advanced underlay control for improved design quality
  • Precision object and stitch connector settings reduce trims
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Stitch shortening to reduce thread breaks
Superior Control
Manual Digitizing

Manual Digitizing

  • Includes 16 powerful commercial digitizing tools
  • Precision point editing to control stitch shape and direction
  • Choose from over 40 stitch types to achieve the perfect result
  • Adjust stitch length and density for the desired appearance and texture

Customize & Edit

  • Re-color designs with just a click using the colorways tool
  • Adjust stitch spacing for different thread weights
  • Navigate designs with the stitch list
  • The color/object docker increases the efficiency
  • Precision offset creation, reverse curves, and size consistency
Customize & Edit
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023

  • EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing includes CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023
  • Fully integrated graphic design and digitizing solution
  • Streamlines your entire design and embroidery process
  • Save embroidery designs as vector files
  • Virtual decoration bitmap output


EmbroideryStudio offers a comprehensive suite of review and visualization tools, allowing you to guarantee top-notch output even before the first stitch is made. Our software prioritizes speed and efficiency in design execution, offering various output formats and the convenience of sending designs to your machine with a single click through Wilcom's Connection Manager. To further enhance efficiency, our customizable Production Worksheets provide precise instructions for machine operators and embroiderers, ensuring accurate and streamlined stitching. Plus, EmbroideryStudio stands out as the industry's universal software solution, seamlessly compatible with all major machine file formats, making it your go-to choice for embroidery success.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

  • TrueView provides an accurate on-screen representation
  • Multiple light source options for added realism
  • High-res output up to 3000 DPI for large poster printing
  • Stitch simulation improves sequencing showing stitch-by-stitch progress
  • Identify potential machine stitching problems before the production stage
  • Customers can visually approve designs prior to stitching

Fast & Efficient Outputs

  • Export to over 40 file formats
  • Send designs directly to your machine in a single click
  • Create multi-decoration files such as SVG, CSV, multi-cutter, and blink-cutter formats
  • Engage or disengage needles or borers, insert stops, trims, and tie-offs.
Fast & Efficient Outputs
Production Worksheets

Production Worksheets

  • Create Production Worksheets, Production summaries, Color Film, and Approval sheets
  • Customize worksheets with your own branding
  • Includes all important job information
  • Clear previews reduce machine operator errors
  • Step-by-step sequencing reduces production mistakes
  • Thread color and brands are clearly labeled for accuracy
  • Fabric and hoop information are clearly indicated

Commercial Machine Support

  • EmbroideryStudio is the industry's universal solution
  • Works seamlessly with all major machine brands
  • Full single and multi-needle support
  • Supports over 60 file formats including intelligent file formats
  • New Coloreel CSE support
Commercial Machine Support


EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition offers flexibility with its diverse licensing and payment options, including upfront ownership and monthly subscription plans, along with four distinct levels tailored to your business requirements. The convenience of dongle-free access allows you to use the software seamlessly across various devices and locations. Keeping your software up to date or upgrading to a different level is a breeze, as you can effortlessly manage the entire process directly from within the application.

Choosing The Right Plan

Choosing The Right Plan

  • Choose from 4 different software levels to suit your needs
  • Add additional licenses as your business grows
  • Buy and own the software with the One-time prepay option
  • Monthly subscriptions ensure that you are always using the latest version

Dongle Free Licensing

  • Digital online license
  • Work freely from multiple locations
  • No longer risk losing or damaging an expensive dongle
Dongle Free Licensing
Easy Updates & Upgrades

Easy Updates & Upgrades

  • Subscription users receive new software updates for free
  • Always access the latest new tools and features
  • Updates enhance software performance and improve efficiency
  • Upgrade to higher levels and add additional features in real-time


EmbroideryStudio stands as the world's preferred embroidery software, trusted by a global community of hundreds of thousands of users. Opting for EmbroideryStudio opens doors to a vibrant network of fellow embroiderers, an abundance of tutorials, and a treasure trove of user-generated content that proves invaluable for troubleshooting, honing your skills, and sparking fresh design ideas. To further tailor the software to your specific embroidery needs, Wilcom offers a range of add-on modules available for separate purchase. Additionally, our cutting-edge wireless networking hardware, EmbroideryConnect, simplifies design transfer from your computer to your embroidery machine, making your embroidery process even more efficient.

Enhance & Expand

Enhance & Expand

  • There are paid add-on Elements available for EmbroideryStudio
  • Add new features as your business requires
  • Invest in only the tools you really need

Global Software

  • Choosing EmbroideryStudio means you are joining a global community
  • Over 100k+ users worldwide
  • A community that shares its wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise
  • Wilcom developed the global standard EMB file format
Global Software


  • Wirelessly connect to an embroidery machine using WiFi
  • Ensure that the correct design file is loaded every time
  • Once set up, simply plug 'and play into any embroidery machine
  • Files remain encrypted during the transfer
  • Files automatically delete when the device is removed from the machine
  • Barcode scanner compatibility


At Wilcom, we prioritize your success by offering comprehensive training packages and robust onboarding support, ensuring that our customers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to excel. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you whenever needed. With our extensive network of skilled and trained resellers spanning the globe, you can access expert guidance and assistance regardless of your location. Furthermore, our worldwide network of authorized training partners guarantees that your teams stay current with the latest skills and capabilities, empowering you to achieve your goals effectively.

Training and Support

Training and Support

  • Our dedicated support team is eager to assist with any queries online
  • An abundance of quality online resources including videos, FAQs, and a detailed online user guide
  • Regular software updates and patches to improve performance or add new features
  • Access to structured training programs by certified trainers.

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer customers can save up to 50%

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