Pay from as little as US$1.50* a day, much less than the price of a coffee ☕

Affordable Monthly Payments

FlexPay is the most affordable and convenient way to get Hatch Embroidery Digitizer or Composer, our top level products.

Start using Hatch straight away! Everything is automated, so you can just enjoy being creative and having fun.

Please note: FlexPay is NOT a subscription. You are purchasing a license for the software which you will then own once the payment period is completed, and all instalments have been fully paid.

* Hatch Embroidery Composer is US$45 per month for 12 months and Hatch Embroidery Digitizer is US$99 per month for 12 months. US$1.50 per day is calculated as a daily average for Hatch Embroidery Composer. FlexPay is charged monthly and in US Dollars. VISA or MasterCard are accepted. PayPal is not available.


USD $99/month*
over 11 months
* FlexPay only available in US Dollars
* All prices exclude applicable taxes
USD $45/month*
over 12 months
* FlexPay only available in US Dollars
* All prices exclude applicable taxes

FREE Hatch Academy Silver Pass - Worth USD $199

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FlexPay Frequently Asked Questions

Many people seem to ask the same questions, so we have put them all together and made the answers available in our easy to use Frequently Asked Questions.

These are the top questions you asked us.

  • What is a payment plan?

    A payment plan is an agreement between a business and their customers which allows them to pay for a product or service in small instalment payments over a period of time. These payments will be ongoing for the duration of the contract, or until a total collection amount is met.

  • Is this a subscription or payment plan and what is my commitment?

    FlexPay is a payment plan and the commitment is 12 equal payments over 12 months (This may differ if you purchased another plan). FlexPay is not a subscription plan.

  • Can I sign up if I do not have a debit/credit card?

    Currently FlexPay only supports debit/credit card payments.

  • What debit/credit cards are accepted?

    FlexPay accepts MasterCard and Visa debit/credit cards only.

  • Why are my credit card details not accepted?

    You may need to contact your card company to pre-authorize your card. If so, tell them that you will be making monthly payments to Wilcom Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. Your card must allow international transactions and recurring payments.

  • How do I change/update my debit/credit card details?

    • To update your account details used for FlexPay, follow these easy steps:
    • Sign into your account on the Hatch Embroidery website.
    • Click on FlexPay. It may sign you in again to FlexPay or ask you to sign in again.
    • Then change the details of your account.
    • Ensure you click on “submit” after changes.
  • Is my credit card information kept securely?

    Yes, FlexPay does not store credit card information it is passed and processed by PayPal. PayPal has achieved PCI DSS compliance certification under various programs and standards and is one of the largest payment providers in the world.

  • Can I change my payment schedule?

    Please contact Hatch Embroidery support for options that may be available to you.

  • How do I access my invoice details?

    A confirmation email will be sent to the account email with the invoice details. You can also check your account once you sign into the Hatch Embroidery website with any purchases made since January 2020.

  • Is tax included in the monthly payments?

    Pricing is in USD and does not include Tax, VAT, GST. When you complete the FlexPay purchase, any applicable tax may be added based on where you are purchasing from. Tax will be added to each monthly payment, if applicable.

  • I have a VAT number. How do I add this to my account to be exempt from tax.

    If you are using FlexPay, you will not be able to use your VAT number. When submitting your tax return you can apply for a tax credit.

  • Are there any interest charges with the payment plan?

    No, there are no interest charges with FlexPay.

  • I have an additional charge on my payment what is this for?

    If your country requires that taxes be paid, they will be collected and paid with each monthly payment.

  • I have signed up for Composer FlexPay, can I upgrade to Digitizer during my plan?

    No. You cannot have two concurrent FlexPay plans. Please contact Hatch Embroidery support to discuss your options.

  • Still have questions?

    Please submit a ticket via our Hatch Embroidery Help website.

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