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    Create one-of-a-kind embroidery designs that look like hand cross-stitch. Create your own designs or import your own artwork. One-click to auto fill or place each cross, just like in handwork! Add it to your Hatch Digitizer as an optional add-on GEM

    USD $89.00
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    CorelDRAW® Standard gives you professional capabilities to edit or create Vector, SVG, Bitmap, and many more support image formats. Link directly to Hatch Composer and Digitizer levels giving you more auto and manual digitizing options.

    USD $249.00

Explore the new world of GEMs!

Hatch GEMs are add-on programs or capabilities to use within your Hatch software. Priced where they are inexpensive to add on to your Hatch software. They can be purchased at any time and need specific levels to work with.