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Laura, our beautiful graphic designer is a Scottish lass. True to her home country, and the drink that is so popular over there, she drew and digitized this whisky glass embroidery design for a cheerful Father’s Day gift.

It started out like this:

Digitizing the Glass and Whisky

The main technique she used to digitize this great design was blending colors to recreate the different tones of amber of the whisky.

There is a fantastic tool in Hatch Embroidery Digitizing called Create Color Blend which makes this effect very easy to achieve. You can also read a detailed step-by-step tutorial on using this tool to create amazing embroidery designs here.

For the top of the whisky Laura used the Ripple Fill. To achieve the color blending for this part, she duplicated the object, then resized and recolored the second one.

Adding and Editing Lettering

Laura decided to add some embroidered lettering to the glass to make it more interesting, so she added this clever play on words.

Kerning (Adjust Spacings)

Sometimes the lettering needs some adjustments to make it perfect. The spacing of the letters in the top line were uneven, so it needed to be fixed. Using the Reshape tool, Laura moved the letters slightly to the right or left as needed to even the spaces between them.

You can read more about how to reshape and adjust lettering in the online User Guide.

Lettering Art

To add a curved shape to the text Laura used nr 3 option from the Lettering Art Gallery within the Lettering tool, and then used the Reshape tool to adjust the curve.

And the final stitched out design:

You can download this and other great Father’s Day designs from the Free Designs section. Click the button below to access the whisky glass design.

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