Choosing the Best Supplies for Your Machine Embroidery Projects

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When you start out in machine embroidery, there are so many different supplies you need to be looking at, it can easily get overwhelming. We wanted to shed light on the different types of fabrics you can use. We also give you some guidelines to which fabrics are the easiest or best to embroider to ensure great results right from the start.

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When it comes to machine embroidery, the types of threads you want to reach for are a little different to those used for hand embroidery. Machine embroidery threads come in many different materials, ranging from rayon (the most popular) to silk to polyester. There are also less conventional threads for . 

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It goes without saying that needles are an absolutely pivotal aspect of machine embroidery. Choosing the right needle out of a seemingly endless amount of choice and confusing information on the internet gets overwhelming very quickly! We put together a quick guide to give you a clear picture of the most important things you need to consider when shopping for embroidery needles for your projects.


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Choosing stabilizers can be tricky. Make the wrong choice and your final stitch-out could end up completely different to what you planned! That is why we put together an overview on the different types of stabilizers and which one to choose for your embroidery projects.  

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Felt is a fantastic versatile material with many uses. It is a very popular material among machine embroiderers because it is really easy to work with. Learn how you can make this simple fabric work wonders for your embroidery projects. 

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I hope this collection of articles helped to demystify the various supplies you need for machine embroidery. Like with everything, it is a learning curve. The most important thing is to enjoy experimenting with various fabrics and threads and find what works for you best.


Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett and the Hatch Team




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