Editing Your Lettering for a Personalized Gift

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Did you know you can very easily edit the fonts that are included in your Hatch Embroidery software for customized embroidery lettering? You can change the size, color, shape, fill type and spacing of your lettering. You can also add special effects or create layouts for even more fun. The options are really endless!

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer comes with 108 professionally digitized fonts included and Hatch Embroidery Composer and Hatch Embroidery Personalizer contain 63 fonts.

A personalized gift like this bath robe for one happy little boy is only a few clicks away with Hatch Embroidery.

Jesse was turning 5, and his parents wanted something special for his birthday. He recently learnt the letters of his name, so they thought something with his name on it would make him very happy. 

I recreated the design to show you how I edited the fonts to make Jesse’s name playful and colorful.8

Resize, Change Font Type, Break Apart & Recolor

First I opened the Lettering/Monogramming toolbox and selected the Lettering tool. When I clicked on it on the right-hand side a box opened with all the features. I typed in Jesse’s name, then resized it. You can do this either by clicking in the corner and dragging it until you reach the size you want, enter the Height and Width values or use the Resize by Size -/+10% tools.

Once I had the right size, I changed the font type to a more fun one. I then used the Break Apart tool to break the letters apart so I could change their colors to all different ones.

Stitching the Lettering on the Robe

Before embroidering, I changed Auto-Fabric to Terry Toweling. I used 2 layers of cutaway stabilizer on the back and water soluble topping to stop the embroidery from sinking into the fluffy surface.

After removing the topping, I lightly trimmed the fluffy bits around the lettering to tidy it up.

Hatch Embroidery software products are in popular use in over 100 countries. It is time to join the global trend and give Hatch Embroidery a try! The 30-day Free Trial grants you unlimited use of all the amazing features and the 30-day Money Back Guarantee ensures that there is absolutely no risk involved.

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