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Isolation Inspiration blog

I wanted to find out what our blog contributors are up to in lockdown, and how they are coping with the isolation. Two wonderful UK artists got back to me straight away, and offered to share their story as well as their inspirational designs. I hope these free designs will bring you joy and motivation to carry on.​

Meryl Robinson from Meryl Makes

Living in rural Devon it’s difficult to believe there is a pandemic. The skies are blue, the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming but apparently we are in lockdown.

Day to day it’s not much different for me as I sit in front of the computer digitizing – but now it’s scrubs, NHS Heroes, and inspirational designs that are needed. Key fobs and hearts to show our thanks and thoughts for those key workers, keeping us safe and provisioned.

I’m lucky that I can walk along the beach or through the nature reserve opposite, and play my part in the community with shopping for the vulnerable or having coffee in my garden, so I can chat with the elderly, lonely neighbours from a safe distance.

I’m looking ahead and digitizing Christmas designs – a new alphabet to give away, advent calendars and stockings, which seems a little mad when the UK is basking in a heatwave! But it gives me hope for the future; like the rainbow of hope design which can be used as a thank you card or to let someone know you are thinking of them, even though you can’t be with them. A rainbow of hope with a pot of gold at the end.

Stay positive and stay safe!

Visit Meryl’s website or join her Facebook group.

John Bloodworth aka Gentleman Crafter

Greetings from Scotland!

This is the first time that we have met, so please let me introduce myself. My name is John and I am an independent designer who works out of my home on the East coast of Scotland. I enjoy all sorts of arts & crafts, and during recent years have had a growing fascination for machine embroidery.

As you might guess, like you, my current movements and interactions are strictly limited so I am glad to have this opportunity to say hello! What you may not know though is that this way of life isn’t a new thing for me, as I often spend many days in a row creating in my own little world, so I was probably well adapted already. Having said that, some things have still taken some getting used to. For example, these new restrictions have reduced the ability for me to take long walks on the beach at the end of the day and totally ruled out having visitors pop by for a coffee and a chat.

I still get a glimpse of the beach as I am out getting essentials or taking my permitted exercise forays, and I am still in touch with family and friends via various technological means, so, thankfully, I can still imagine a day when these restrictions will be lifted. That gives me hope. Hope that I will soon be able to wander unhindered again and natter over coffee with those dear to me.

That got me thinking about how hope is a strong and powerful sentiment that can keep us motivated in the toughest of times, and I wanted to use it in an embroidery design for a bit of home decor. After a wee internet search I came across a lovely poem by American poet, Emily Dickinson. It pretty much sums up what I had hoped to share with you too.

It was interesting to read that Emily self-isolated throughout much of her life, choosing to conduct most of her friendships via correspondence. Sounds familiar? I think we can all relate to the way in which Emily Dickinson led her life at the moment and the hope of which she wrote. I certainly can.

I hope – there’s that word again – that you like the design, and will stitch one out for yourself to remind you of the importance of aspiring for a brighter future.

Check out John’s website and Facebook page.

You can access the free design by clicking the button below. You will be taken to the Free Design page. You will be asked to sign in or register a free account.

Be sure the download our other great designs too!

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