New Hatch Update Features and Enhancements – Part 2

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Additional features in our most recent update

Continuing from our last post, we’re taking you through all the other enhancements and additions to Hatch Embroidery. This time we’re taking you through a few of the practical changes to the hooping functions, usability, design output, and overall system.

Hooping Improvements

Ricoma EM1010 Hoops

Ricoma EM1010 Hoops

If you’ve got Hatch Basics and/or Monogrammer, your hoop options have expanded! Now you’ve got increased versatility and power with the Ricoma EM1010 hoops. We have bundled the Hatch Basics & Monogrammer with Ricoma’s EM-1010 machines so these hoops are now available for everyone. To access these, simply select ‘others’ under “Machine Type” and the Ricoma options will pop up automatically under “Hoops”. 

Default Hoop Position

Hooping becomes more personalized to your individual needs with the latest update! Where previously the default hoop position was always set to “Automatic Centering > At Start Needle Position”, the software now adjusts the setting according to your individual machine requirements. Hatch seeks out all the requirements your machine has and then optimizes your final settings automatically. For example, Janome users are required to activate the “Start Needle Position”, whereas others are not.

Other Hooping Improvements

Other Hooping Improvements

We’ve fixed a number of errors when considering hoops. There have been errors, previously, where the software displayed incorrectly offset hoop center lines with custom hoops. The centre lines were shown offset in newly created hoops and remained until the software restarted. This has been amended. Similarly, hoop center lines are now redrawn correctly when rotating Hoops number 1 and 3.

Usability Improvements

Re-sequence docker with changing zoom factors


You can now use the re-sequence docker after changing zoom factors, either manually or by set parameters. Use the drop down menu to zoom scale to display your designs at a specified scale. This gives you to option to edit your designs more closely, giving you more freedom and versatility when customizing your designs.

Design Output Improvements

Brother PES File Format Support

For users of the Brother PES File Format, we’ve made three major improvements! First of all the software now writes to the latest PES file format (Brother PE Design 10), so everything stays current and up-to-date. Secondly, trim codes are now correctly recognized on Brother PR600 machines. Last but definitely not least, more Brother hoops have been added to the software – so you have a lot more versatility and freedom with your design sizes!

Transfer Designs

“Transfer Designs” is a feature that creates a shortcut to save your designs to selected machine files (not to transfer designs directly to the machine). We’ve received some feedback stating that there have been system problems when using the “Transfer Design” tool and we’ve resolved all issues here!


Husqvarna VP3 files on Pfaff machines

For users who were running Husqvarna VP3 files on Pfaff machines, there appeared to be a couple of issues where designs saved in the software were not trimming correctly in the Pfaff Creative Sensation machine. We’ve rectified this issue so now Pfaff machine-users can smoothly run all the files they could previously!

Loading Designs on Janome MC15000

loading design

Users of the Janome MC15000 machine have reported that designs are offset when loaded onto the machine. We’ve fixed this issue so this no longer happens!

System Improvements

Running Software Without Internet Connection

Running your software offline is now super easy! We’ve come up with a number of fixes that have previously prevented people from accessing their software offline. Simply ensure that the “Remember Me” box is ticked. You’ll need to validate (online) every 60 days in order to continue using your software offline.

Releasing your License for Re-Use

If you want to re-use your original license on another machine, you now can! We’ve created a way for you to easily access your software through multiple sources. Logging into Hatch uses one of your licenses. If you’re logged in with “Remember Me”, you can release the license back to the cloud by selecting “File>Sign Out & Exit”. You can then go ahead and use your license on other machines!

Login Errors

Login Errors

There have been some issues with logging in, which we’ve addressed in this update. Many users have reported a similar error message (below) for when they attempt to log in. This could have potentially occurred if you attempted multiple logins on the same PC. The most recent update should ensure that this issue with logins does not happen again.

All the best

For the full list, click here to read our detailed online documentation.

Jenny and the Hatch Team!

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