14 Best Valentine’s Day Projects From Us To You

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There is still time to make these for yourself or someone special!

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, but there is still plenty of time left to create something truly LOVEly for that special person in your life. Or why not simply treat yourself? We collected 14 SWEET projects that can easily be created and then personalized with a bit of machine embroidery. Add a special Valentine’s Day message or your loved one’s initials for a unique and memorable gift. There is nothing as valuable as a present that is made with LOVE and comes straight from the HEART!

1. Secret Notes Pillow Cover

Call us hopeless romantics but we absolutely adore ithappensinablink‘s sweet secret notes pillow cover creation. Why not try making this with different fabric scraps or mismatch materials for an eye-catching, quirky look, you could even add a monogram to really add impact to this. Don’t forget to slip in your love letters to that special Valentine. 

2. Sweeties Jar

Happygolucky has come up with a cute gift idea for the sweet tooth love in your life. Get creative with the little tag and embroider it to make it look more personal and fun! We really do love this idea to pieces.

3. Stuffed Owl Toy

What a hoot these stuffed owl toys are! Spoil the kids with these hug-able, snug-able soft felt creations by consumercrafts. Why not make it more personal by embroidering the kids’ names or a fun design onto them.

4. Fabric Envelopes

Forget posting a card this Valentine’s, why not give this fun filled goodies envelope by craft-o-maniac instead. Cram it full of sweet treats or a love letter to really make someone feel special. Post it through a local neighbor or friend’s door and why not embroider their initials onto it to really show how much you care for them!

5. Heart Hand Warmers

Warm the heart of that special someone with these cute hand warmers by Crafts Unleashed. They are so simple to make, yet they are very effective, they really are a must in the cold weather. Add your personal touch, whether that be a romantic floral pattern design or your sweetheart’s initials. 

6. Polka Dot Heart Top

Looking for something for the little loves in your life? Why not get creative with them with this polka dot heart top by u-createcrafts. It’ll definitely keep the kiddies entertained on a rainy day and allow you to get experimental with the embroidery machine by adding a design of their choosing.

7. Sweet Heart Apron

As the saying goes, the best way to your lover’s heart is through the stomach. This beautiful apron by sewandso ideas is perfect for the foodie fan in your life. Complete with a cute heart shaped pocket and pretty red trim, we think this is the ideal base to add embroidery elements to really make your heart flutter!

8. Heart Pouch

We fell head over heals with the look and simplicity of this cute canvas and gingham heart shaped pouch by thatsmyletter. Fill it with some treats or use it as a cute coin purse and get experimental with your embroidery skills to give it another dimension.

9. Slippers

Give your Valentine a comfortable and cozy gift with these handcrafted slippers. We absolutely love this idea by alldaychic, because of how inexpensive and creative it is, while also being environmentally conscious. Pop down to your local charity shop for some up-cycle material sourcing. Don’t forget to add initials or a monogram for a nice finishing touch.

10. Wall Hanging

Looking for some eye-catching wall art for your house, how about trying out this beautifully handcrafted wall hanging by u-createcrafts. The one we are featuring here is Valentine’s inspired, but we think it works all year round. You could also choose a special quote or lyrics from a song from when you and your love first met to really make it more meaningful.

11. Fabric Coasters

These stylish coasters by thirty handmade days are a must for any home. Great use of scrap materials combined with fun inverse appliqué technique, what are you waiting for? You can even add more embroidered patterns and shapes to give it a more unique style. 

12. Sewing Weights

We are ‘sew’ in love with these handy heart shaped sewing weights by thesewingloftblogs, that we just had to include them in our top 14 picks! They are perfect for the embroidery and crafts hobbyists. Try adding some creative flair with embroidery shapes and monogramming, it is a sure-fire way to win their hearts.

13. Tea Towel

Appliqué fans, you will love this tutorial by thesewingloftblog. It shows you how you can turn the humble tea towel into a lovely gift idea and it also a great way to clear out your scrap basket. Check out the video tutorial, it is a great visual aid in helping you to create your personalized Valentine’s Day present. 

14. Treat Bags

Give your Valentine’s Day crush a sweet treat in one of these romantically embellished sacks by Martha Stewart. Or if you really want to impress, why not hide a nice piece of jewelry inside and embroider your message on the bag?

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Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett & the Hatch Team

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