Snowman Themed Embroidery Project Ideas

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Inspiration for Those Cold Winter Days


Who does not like snowmen? As the chill of winter blows over the great outdoors, most people find themselves spending more and more time inside. If you are looking for a fun way to keep busy and keep your creativity flowing during the cold season, try out some inventive embroidery projects decorated with adorable snowman designs. With embroidery software and machines now available, you are sure to have fun with less trouble!

Sure, scarves and mittens are always popular winter items to decorate with embroidery, but why limit yourself? We have come up with a collection of new ideas to try out during cold winter days so, read on!

Snowmen Table Runners for Quilters

It is always fun to change your home décor to match the seasons. Whether you use this table runner by Bird Brain Designs every day or save it for when you host dinner guests, these marching snowmen will add a happy glow to any room!

We also love this one by Sweetwater 🙂 

Mug Mat

This smiley snowman will make any hot chocolate taste even sweeter. A great quilting idea by Sweetwater combined with applique and embroidery, so you can practice different techniques. Make them for someone special to brighten their winter days!

Decorative Cushion

This beautiful Trim-the-Tree cushion by Crabapple Hill Studio with pom pom ornaments and fabric covered buttons will sure to bring festive cheer to any home. It is a beginner level embroidery project, so easy for anyone to do.

Gift Tote Bag

No matter what color of fabric you choose, this snow gift bag from Omas Place is attractive and eye-catching. Keep it for yourself to tote small items with you when you head out, or fill it with small gifts or home-baked treats and surprise your friends or family with a special delivery.

Indoor Snowmen

Who says you need to put on a snowsuit and earmuffs to build a snowman? These free standing snowmen by Embroidery Design Studio can be crafted and embroidered easily with thread and fabric. Place them around your home and rest assured that they will not melt into puddles on your floor.

Wool Felt Snowmen

Hang them around the house or give them as gifts, they will sure put a smile on anyone’s face. We absolutely love these super cute felt snowmen by Woolly Bug Designs. A quick an easy project that you can have plenty of fun with!

Dish Towels

These adorable cheeky snowmen by Crabapple Hill Studio will spread winter joy and snowflakes in the kitchen and make baking even more fun. They are great as birthday gifts for someone special who enjoys cooking.

Coin Purse

The snowman on this gorgeous little purse by Lynette Andersons Designs is made of batting, which adds an extra dimension and fluffiness to it. The project requires some sewing and the hand embroidery can be replaced by applique and machine embroidery if you wish.

In-The-Hoop Snowman Key Fobs

In-The-Hoop is all the rage these days and if you have not tried it before, this is a perfectly easy project for even a beginner. Kids and adults alike will love these little gems by Buggalena and will want to hang onto them, so hopefully less keys will get lost!

Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett and the Hatch Team


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