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Special features and stitch effects that will take your embroidery to the next level

It is so easy to take a simple design and make it “Boo-tiful” with Hatch Embroidery! This week we are giving you two designs that we have taken from simple to exciting using special features and stitches in the Hatch Embroidery Software. We will also take you through the steps of the transformation on the Halloween Owl design.

from this…

…to this

Carving Stamps

The Hatch Embroidery Carving Stamps feature allows you to add your own detail to the stitch objects.  

from this…

…to this

A Simple Method to Add Carvings

You can use existing stamps or create your own stamps.

Click “Carving Stamps” under the Digitize Toolbox

Click “Digitize” Tab in the Carving Stamp Docker (it opens on the right side of the screen)

Click “Start Digitizing”. Now digitize your “stamp lines” on the design object. Press enter to end each stamp line. When finished digitizing all your stamp lines, click the enter key a second time.

Click “Use Stamp” and place your stamps where you desire in your design.
Stamp as many times as you want. When finished, press “Enter” and then “ESC” on your keyboard.

Read more about Carving Stamps here.

Special Pattern Fills

Take the simple Tatami Fill that you get in any embroidery software and apply one of the many special pattern fills in Hatch Embroidery and easily bring your embroidery to life!

Select the object that you want to apply the special fill to. Right click to open the Object Properties Docker if it is not already open. Make sure the stitch type is “Tatami”  (#1)
Click on the down arrow to open the Pattern Gallery window (#2)
Select the pattern of choice. We used motif #34 in our design for the owl’s body (#3) 

We also used the same technique on the hat band. For this fill we used Pattern #17

Read more about Tatami Pattern Fills here.

Auto Split Satin

We wanted the wings to look “puffy” but the object is too large to use a traditional satin stitch. Hatch Embroidery gives you a special stitch that will allow you to achieve this “puffy” look and the stitch still be durable! If you apply a satin stitch type to an object in which the satin stitches would be too wide, the Hatch software will automatically apply this “Auto Split”. You can also uncheck the option if desired. But BEWARE, the stitches will be very wide and easy to get snagged and pulled out!

There are a lot of other special Hatch features that you can apply to your design. It’s endless with the unique looks you can get by starting with a simple design in Hatch Embroidery Software!

Where Do You Find Artwork?

There is a lot of artwork available on the internet. Some free and some for purchase. Always be sure to check the free designs if they have any type of copyright with them.  We generally like to purchase our artwork, so we know that it is okay to use. Respect the artist’s work! Don’t use it without permission! We are all artists when it comes to embroidery, and we don’t like to see a design that we have created shared without permission.

Special Hatch Features Used When Digitizing the Spooky Cocktails Design

This was a quick design to use manual digitizing on. While the techniques used are not for a beginner digitizer, with a little practice, using our online documentation and the many videos available, you would be using these great features before long!

We have included the finished design. However, we want to share with you the manual digitizing techniques we used to create this design

Design Component

Thread Color

Digitizing Tool

Stitch Type


Editing Tools


Liquid in class


Closed shape


Gradient &


Reshape to change stitch angles

The Florentine effect will give you the curved look



Closed shape





Open Shape

Single Run




Pupil of eyes

Purple, green, blue, black, white

Circle Tool



Remove Overlaps




Open Shape

Single Run




You can access the Halloween Owl and Eyeballs Cocktail designs below.

Please note: You will need to sign in or register a free account to be able to download the free design.

Once you registered an account, you will have unlimited access to ALL the free designs that are currently on the Hatch Embroidery website and future ones two. You will also automatically receive our newsletter about free projects and designs. You will NOT be requested to download the software. Having an account does not come with any obligations to you at all.

Hatch Embroidery software products are in popular use in over 100 countries. It is time to join the global trend and give Hatch a try! The 30-day Free Trial grants you unlimited use of all the amazing features and the 30-day Money Back Guarantee ensures that there is absolutely no risk involved.

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