Easter Egg Embroidery Inspirations

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Tutorial video with Kim

Easter’s nearly upon us, but there is still time for some last minute embroidery!

In this week’s blog article we provide a few Easter egg embroidery ideas and a tutorial video that shows you the features we used to digitize them.

We took the same shape we used for our original Easter egg and created some variations using diffrent tools and features of the Hatch Embroidery software.

We included a list of tools, features and settings we used to digitize the various eggs below and at the end of this article you will also find a video where Kim shows you how it was all done.

Egg with Bunny Ears

Tools/Features/Settings used: Special Stitches, Stitch spacing, Branching, Lettering

We digitized two layers for the inside of the bunny ears on this egg. We added two shades of the same color and set the stitch spacing slightly differently to create a shading effect. We used Stemstitch on the outside shape of the design and Backstitch for the curly elements. We used the Branching tool to avoid having jumps between the objects

Bunny Egg

Tools/Features/Settings used: Florentine Stitch Effect, Special Stitches, Branching

We digitized the background of this egg with a fill stitch and used the Florentine Stitch Effect to create the 3D look. We used backstitch for the outline of the bunny and the Branching tool to avoid many jump stitches. You can find plenty of free bunny graphics on the internet that you can use to recreate this egg.

Egg with Name

Tools/Features/Settings used: Motif Stitch, Contour Stitch, Tatami Stitch, Florentine Stitch Effect, Lettering Baseline

We digitized the different sections in this design separately rather than using the knife tool. We then moved the bottom part down to add the lettering. We used the Baseline function to change the shape of the lettering to match the shape of the egg.

Appliqué Egg

Tools/Features/Settings used: Applique, Monogramming, Monogram Borders

For this egg we created an appliqué for the egg part and for the middle part, then we created a round monogram with a border.

Happy Embroidering!

Bernadett & the Hatch Team

Wishing You All A Wonderful Easter Holiday!

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