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Their embroidery journey and useful tips

Our Egg-citing Facebook Photo contest was another roaring success. We asked our Facebook followers to submit their Easter themed embroidery creations and we received so many fantastic entries!

Some of the contestants have been embroidering for quite a few years and some have just recently taken up machine embroidery. We asked the top 10 to tell us a little about their embroidery journey and also to share some useful tips they would give to other embroiderers.

Rebecca Sims

I have always been crafty and love trying new things, but only got into embroidery a few years ago when my sister had her first baby. Tyler was born premature, very tiny only 500g (1lb 1oz). The doctors told us he did not have a very good chance of survival. It was at this point I started embroidery and most things seemed to be for Tyler. I then did personalized embroidery for family and friends. Now my hobby has just turned into a small business, Becca’s Sew Sweet Embroidery. The Easter bunny was a present from Tyler now nearly two for his little brother Ethan. The thing I like the most about machine embroidery is that you can take the plainest of items and make it truly unique, just let your imagination flow.

Tip: I find the best way to gain confidence is through family and friends, and remember to keep going and have fun, the more you practice the better your embroidery will become.

Patti Christmas

I’ve been doing machine embroidery since 2013. I started doing embroidery following a lengthy recovery from an auto accident. It started out to be a hobby, but morphed into a small business. However, my main clients are local non-profit agencies or people in my community that have been hit with a tragedy such as a life threatening diseases.  

Tip: My advice to fellow embroiderers or someone getting started in machine embroidery is to invest in the best digitizing software from the beginning. I highly recommend to start with Hatch Embroidery, it will save you money in the long run, and is very user friendly. There are several wonderful tutorials available and staff respond promptly to questions or concerns.

Janice Mosinak Vazquez

“I’d been sewing and embroidering for years as a hobby, but after a serious illness resulted in losing my job and being unable to work, I started sewing and embroidering to help pay the bills. Embroidered items were so expensive and I thought “hey I could do that for myself much cheaper and of better quality.” I love the creativity of machine embroidery, being able to take something plain and turn it into something one of a kind is great.

I now have a small home business called Lily n Rose Canine Couture making dog apparel that’s really on the ground floor right now. I also donate items monthly to dog rescues such as Little Yorkie Rescue to auction off for funds to rescue, vet and care for yorkies and other small dogs.”

Tip: It can be frustrating during the learning curve. But don’t give up! There were a lot of times I just walked away from the machine saying I would never do it again. But after a few deep breaths, I’d go online and find help from some amazing women on the embroidery Facebook pages and march right back to that machine. You’ll be amazed what you can do!

Michelle Winters

“I’ve been embroidery for almost 2 years. I was constantly asking  friends for help if I needed something embroidered, so I decided to learn to do it myself. I love the fact I am almost limitless as to what I can create. I am a crafter, I love creating, I crochet, I sew, I make dolls, and now I embroider. I do its as a hobby, I love making unique gifts for friends and family.”

Tip: Don’t get intimidated, just get on your machine and play, make it fun and exciting learning new things. And, of course, watch the tutorials.

Michael Ayotte

I have been doing machine embroidery for about 3 years now and enjoy it. It helps me relax and allows my creative side to grow. The challenge of the designs is trying different things and getting the best results. The ability to create is what I love most about machine embroidery and to create the best designs that I can, so when someone sees my designs, they stop and go ‘wow that is great!’. The software that can create such incredible designs caught my interest and once I saw what can be done with Hatch Embroidery I was hooked. This wonderful software allows so many different aspects to be changed from stich spacing to stitch effects as well as many many different fills to achieve different looks.

I give away free designs on my Facebook page, so other people can see what is possible and to share my love of machine embroidery with the world.  Someday I wish to it this to the next level and do it as a business. 

Tip: Take your time and work at it, there is a learning curve with the software and also learning what you can and can not digitize. Most of all, I would say have fun with it and enjoy it.

Tamkinat Fatima Khan

I have loved sewing since I was a child and have done it for many years! But I never knew about the computerized embroidery machines for home use! I researched for 6 months before getting my 1st embroidery machine at the end of 2014. Soon I learnt to digitize and that was another added benefit for me. Luckily I started off working as a digitizer and have my Etsy shop as well. I enjoy my work every single day and I hope to learn and achieve much more! I love the beautiful art of embroidery on the whole and I never knew before what endless possibilities there are to create with our machines simply using some fabrics and threads! Free standing lace, in the hoop projects, cross stitch, personalizing gifts are just a few of the great things of what we can do with our embroidery machines!
Everyone around me loves receiving gifts made by me and my kids want to claim everything they see me creating! The joy it brings to all of us makes it all so worth the money spent!

Tip: For newbies or someone considering machine embroidery I would just say don’t miss out on this! It is amazing what you can create and you will surely enjoy it… LOVE IT! Make sure to do all your research and find the best suitable machine for your needs! The internet is the best source of information and guidance, choose wisely! Try your best to stay in the budget but do go for the best you can afford!

Lorraine Balaberda

Sewing and embroidery are some of my hobbies. I have been into art all my life and wanted to do machine embroidery for years, so purchased my machine about a year ago. I’m still learning. Making things different and personal are very appealing to me. I’m finding Hatch Embroidery to be very addictive! I love appliqué and the way I can make mini patterns for my small animals. The program gives me another layer of creativity.

Tip: I think the best advice is to do research on everything, and buy the best equipment and programming you can afford, it’s best to start with a strong foundation that you can build on. Also, to watch all the videos and follow along.

Elisabeth Dawson-Walker

I have been doing machine embroidery for almost a year now. I was introduced to it by a very talented friend of mine and I fell in love with all the different things you can create and all the tips and tricks there are to make your design be awesome. What I like the most about machine embroidery is being able to create an idea in your mind and then see it come to fruition in the form of thousands of stitches. I currently do embroidery as a hobby but I plan on making it into a business once I’m consistently confident in what I’m doing.

Tip: YouTube is your friend and books are even better. And if you have someone who knows what’s up, garner all the knowledge you can from them.

Rafael Esparza

I have you been doing machine embroidery for about 1 year. I started a small business to embroider names on school uniforms and now I also create logos and some artwork for some clients. I really enjoy it. I love the idea that I can change a t-shirt or some clothes in to something special. 

Tip: Find a good software to help you draw the design you have. I always  break the designs in parts and make the composition in the embroidery software. I downloaded the Hatch Embroidery demo and I really love it. The way you can transfer your design is very easy and it is great how you can change the stitch angle to correct the embroidery. 

Franchelle Jobe

I have been machine embroidering since 2015. I had taken on sewing as a hobby but my projects seemed plain, I wanted to add some artistic embellishments. I mostly enjoy seeing my artwork change from paper to a new medium. I now use my mouse as a pencil and thread as my ink. This is my first time to fully utilize a professional embroidery application successfully. I have attempted to use trial versions of digitizing applications from other large companies but found the applications difficult to learn. When I discovered the Hatch Embroidery 30 day trial offer, it was a whole new world. Within ONE day, I was on my way to creating and successfully embroidering new ideas. Currently I am in the process of trying to transition my embroidery from hobby to small business.

Tip: Learn your stitches by playing with stitch lengths for your running stitch. Digitize some squares with satin and tatami stitches changing the stitch patterns and density so you will understand how it effects your fabric. Finally, be patient with yourself. Patience will bring success. If you get stuck, take a break and return to your project with fresh ideas.

Thank you for participating and well done!

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