Enhance Your Home with an Eco-Friendly Upcycled Denim Quilt Featuring Sashiko Motifs

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Enhance Your Home with an Eco-Friendly Upcycled Denim Quilt Featuring Sashiko Motifs

Enhance Your Home with an Eco-Friendly Upcycled Denim Quilt Featuring Sashiko Motifs and bring your living spaces to life!

This beautiful upcycled denim quilt with Sashiko motifs is a unique piece suitable for a bed or wall adding a touch of charm to any space. Using decorative features in Hatch Embroidery Digitizer 3, this project incorporates traditional Japanese Sashiko embroidery motifs. Sashiko adds both decorative and functional reinforcement to patches, and it also enhances warmth and style. The downloadable instructions will guide you through creating the quilt with a neat backing for a professional finish.

Recommended fabrics include mid-weight denim, preferably recycled from old jeans or clothes for a modern upcycled appearance. Backing fabric should match the weight of the top, with options like fleece for bedding or plain cotton for wall hanging.

Notions required are coordinating embroidery thread and sewing thread for assembly.

Essential equipment involves a machine hoop, rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat, and pins. The size of the quilt depends on individual preference, bed dimensions, or wall coverage. The sample project features a 10×10 square layout measuring 150cm x 150cm.

Denim. One of our favorite fabrics.

Fabric preparation involves washing, drying, and pressing. Square dimensions should account for at least 1cm seam allowance, with larger pieces allowing easier hooping. Using existing jeans, about 4 squares can be obtained per pair. Unpicking zippers and pockets maximizes fabric use.

Instructions comprise layout, motif selection, digitizing square shapes with patterns, stitching squares, trimming, organizing for sewing, sewing rows and units, adding backing, and finishing with top stitching.

This project provides an opportunity to create a visually captivating quilt with Sashiko motifs using recycled denim, combining traditional Japanese embroidery with modern upcycling techniques.

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