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Enhanced features & new fonts for Hatch Embroidery Digitizer 2

Please note: This is a free software update for Hatch Embroidery 2 users only. Some of the features listed are for specific Hatch Embroidery levels. If you would like to add a feature, please upgrade your software today.

New Functionality in Redwork

Determine your Redwork start and end point even when you have a non-Redwork object before or after.

When you digitize Redwork and then apply closest join, Hatch Embroidery will now ignore the closest join. This allows you to keep the entry/exit points just as you placed them in the Redwork.

*Hatch Embroidery Digitizer 2 only

Scrolling Through Thread Colors with Arrow Keys

You can now scroll through the color list in the ‘Threads’ Docker with objects selected. Use the arrow keys to move through the list and try out different colors ‘on-the-fly’. This is inspirational fun and creates brand-new versions of your favorite designs in seconds.

Releasing Your Licence From Your PC/Laptop

If you like using many different computers, it’s so easy to sign out of Hatch Embroidery and release the license from your computer. It is free for you to then log into any other PC.

New Data Structure

The installation folder structure has been reconfigured. It’s even easier to find your personally created data files then ever before. This makes it simpler to move your Hatch Embroidery software and personal files to a new PC.

Font List Preview On-the-Fly

Preview Lettering on the fly, Save so much time by scrolling through the font list for both lettering and monograms and seeing your lettering instantly change on the screen.

Brand New FREE Fonts

7 new fonts are included with Hatch Embroidery Digitizer 2, taking the number of included professionally digitized fonts to 108!

• Bauhaus
• Carla
• Cheltenham Tall
• Croissant
• Micro Block
• Run Cardigan
• Souvenir

*Hatch Embroidery Digitizer 2 only

Improvements to the SVG File Format Output

SVG is compatible with even more cutting machines and graphics software.

Improved Brother machine compatibility with enhancements to the PES file format export.

These include multi-hoop registration marks, reading color codes and exporting applique to the PES format.

New Font Packs for you to Buy

There are 3 new font packs for purchase for those specialized projects. This will give you a total of 10 new fonts to create something incredible.

Font pack 9: Tall & Thin

• Capsule
• Drake
• Helvetica

Font pack 10: Script #2

• Lila
• Python Script
• Vivid Script

Font pack 11: 3D Puffy #2

• 3D Foam Emphatic
• 3D Foam Futuro
• 3D Foam London
• 3D Foam Sofachrome

View and purchase all Font Packs.

For more detailed information, read the Release Notes

How do I Update My Software?

Click the Help menu in your Hatch Embroidery software, then click ‘Check for Updates’. Follow the prompts. Alternatively, the next time you exit and start your software, you will receive a pop-up notification, then simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Get your FREE Software Update for Hatch Embroidery 2 Users today!

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