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New in Hatch Embroidery 3.1

📢 Hatch Embroidery 3.1 Has Arrived!

We're thrilled to announce the release of the Hatch Embroidery 3.1 version! This free update for version 3 customers includes added creative elements and features along with essential bug fixes and improvements. Let's explore what’s in the new Hatch Embroidery 3.1.

New Creative Content

New Keyboard Design Collections (KDC)

  • 2 new KDCs are included free within the new Hatch Embroidery 3.1.
    • Bloom
    • Nautical

kdc bloom

KDC - Bloom

KDC Nautical

KDC - Nautical

  • 4 creative and beautiful Keyboard Design Collections are now available for sale as individual KDCs:
    • Teddy Bear Appliqué
    • Garden Story
    • Graffiti
    • Great Wave

KDCs for sale

KDCs - Teddy Bear Appliqué, Garden Story, Graffiti, and Great Wave

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New Embroidery Designs

Hatch Embroidery 3.1 includes 16 beautiful new designs from our friends at Embroidery Library and Urban Threads. You can find them in the Hatch Embroidery software Design Library.

These are listed within these folders:

  • Embroidery Library
  • Urban Threads

Hatch Embroidery Design Library

New Free Design in Hatch Embroidery

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Several improvements to features have been made to enhance your user experience. This includes support for more recent versions of CorelDRAW Standard up to 2024.

Ready to update to the new Hatch Embroidery 3.1?

  • Download the EXE file
  • Install it on your laptop/computer
  • Sign in with your existing email address and password

    Update to Hatch 3.1

Note: The new Hatch Embroidery 3.1 is a free update to existing Hatch Embroidery version 3 owners.
Hatch Embroidery 1 & 2 users can purchase an update to version 3 by signing into the website and reviewing their options.

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What Else is New?

Wireless Design Transfer Capabilities

 Introducing the EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device

Wilcom's EmbroideryConnect offers a convenient wireless solution, eliminating the need for USB sticks by facilitating direct communication between your computer or laptop and your embroidery machine via WiFi. This device creates a seamless wireless bridge, allowing you to effortlessly transmit your embroidery designs directly to your machine.

EmbroideryConnect is compatible with most USB-enabled embroidery machines, turning your trusty machine into a modern embroidery marvel.

EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device

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EmbroideryHub (Free software)

EmbroideryHub Hatch Edition is a separate application, automatically installed when you update to the new Hatch Embroidery 3.1. It installs alongside your software and should remain running in the background when using your EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device.

A handy setup wizard assists you in setting up your EmbroideryConnect devices on your local WiFi network.

EmbroideryHub provides a flexible platform to manage your EmbroideryConnect device, offering the ability to adjust network settings and reconfigure the device as needed. It also enables you to wirelessly organize and manage designs across your EmbroideryConnect devices, streamlining your embroidery workflow.

CorelDRAW Standard 2024 GEM

You can now enhance your Hatch Embroidery software capabilities by purchasing the new CorelDRAW Standard 2024 GEM. Compatible with the new Hatch Embroidery 3.1, the latest GEM includes a full license for CorelDRAW® Standard 2024 and links directly to your Hatch software.

This updated version of CorelDRAW Standard 2024 introduces support for additional file formats, including WebP, and features general enhancements like advanced PDF import capabilities, various fixes, and notable improvements in stability and performance.

CorelDRAW Hatch Embroidery software

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What others say about Hatch Embroidery

Hatch Embroidery software is highly regarded for its user-friendliness and robust functionality, appealing to both novices and experienced embroiderers alike. It's celebrated for its intuitive design interface, which allows users to easily create and edit embroidery designs. A standout feature, the "Fabric Assist" tool, is particularly acclaimed for its ability to automatically adjust stitch settings based on the selected fabric type, delivering superior embroidery outcomes with minimal manual tweaking.

Users also highly commend Hatch for its wealth of educational content, including detailed tutorials and lessons that simplify the learning process. This support is often highlighted as a key benefit, as it helps users manage complex design tasks effortlessly, enabling them to produce professional-quality embroidery from their own homes.

Overall, Hatch Embroidery is lauded for combining ease of use with powerful features and excellent customer support, establishing itself as an indispensable resource for anyone passionate about embroidery.

Some of the most popular features and tools

  1. Auto-Digitizing - This feature allows users to easily convert images into embroidery files, simplifying the process of creating embroidery designs from graphics.
  2. Fabric Assist - As mentioned earlier, this innovative tool automatically adjusts the stitch settings based on the fabric type you select, optimizing embroidery outcomes and reducing the need for manual adjustments.
  3. Manual Digitizing - For those who want more control over their designs, Hatch offers robust manual digitizing tools, allowing precise placement and adjustment of stitches.
  4. Stitch Player - Hatch includes a stitch player that simulates the embroidery process on the screen, allowing users to preview how their design will stitch out in real-time, which helps in making adjustments before the actual embroidery starts.
  5. Lettering and Monogramming - Hatch offers extensive options for text and monograms, including a wide range of fonts and customizable text tools for creating unique and professional-looking embroidery.
  6. Multi-Hooping - This feature is essential for larger projects that don’t fit into a single hoop, allowing seamless execution of extensive designs.
  7. Advanced Stitches - Hatch supports advanced stitch types like motif, contour, and satin, providing users with the flexibility to create intricate and detailed designs.
  8. Sequencing and Layering - The software includes intuitive sequencing tools that allow users to easily layer and sequence their designs, optimizing the embroidery process.
  9. Editing Tools - Comprehensive editing capabilities let users resize, rotate, split, and merge designs, offering complete control over the final product.
  10. Educational Resources - Hatch includes a suite of tutorials, guides, and online support to help users get the most out of the software, enhancing the learning curve for new users and providing ongoing support for more experienced ones. We recommend visiting the Hatch Academy with 100's of lessons created by our own Hatch Embroidery experts.

Hatch Embroidery software products are in popular use in over 120 countries. It is time to join the global trend and give Hatch a try! The 30-Day Free Trial grants you unlimited use of all the amazing features and the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ensures that there is absolutely no risk involved.

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